The Gift of Reflection


Gratitude is a word that is loosely thrown around during the holidays. I'm chiming in today with a practice to help you cultivate that gratitude and tap into it more regularly.

As the year is coming to a close, we are granted the gift of reflection (should we choose to accept such a gift, of course). It’s easy to get tied up with holiday stress, obligations, and (distant) social engagements—so, I want to invite you to slow down.

Instead of focusing on what still needs to be done or goals for the new year, grab a journal, a coach, or a friendly ear to reflect on what went well this year.  

Share the moments you're proud of.

Explain, in detail, a moment that made you feel successful.

Discuss a time in the last 12 months that you acted in integrity with your authentic self.

Feels good, right? But you’re not done there. Now, I want you to take a quick inventory and see how you feel when you’re recounting these moments:

  • Do you have a smile on your face?

  • Does your body feel light or warm?

  • How are you sitting?

  • What’s your body language like?

Connecting our brain and body while reflecting on these moments will help us better integrate our experience. When we integrate experiences of self-worth, pride, and success, we can more easily access these states of being moving forward. Further, getting clear on the bodily sensations and responses that occur during times of success, self-love, or authenticity will help us better recognize when these moments are happening in the future.

When we feel that warmth inside, realize we’re sitting up a bit straighter, or smiling widely, we can take a deep breath and relish in that moment a bit longer. We can tune in and have a deeper gratitude for these moments.

Wishing you a happy reflection and genuine gratitude as we round out 2020.



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