Where Your Food Comes From Matters

Where Your Food Comes From Matters


Do you know where your food comes from? Don’t worry- I’m not trying to fear monger, but I have a point I promise.

As a society, we are so disconnected from the source of where our food comes from, that we are more likely to buy the organic gluten-free french fries than we are to buy a potato and cook it ourselves. Walking into the grocery store, we’re immediately hit with the smell of sweet baked goods, and the shelves are lined with pseudo-healthy packaged items like organic Oreos or vegan chicken (or those french fries). Have you ever stopped to think of what those words actually mean? It’s all the same anyway, right?

Couldn’t be farther from the truth.

What we put in our bodies matters. The GMO crops, or even the packaged goods that are taking the place of real food are all taking us farther away from nutrient-dense soil. Our produce needs nutrient-dense soil to grow into nutrient-dense food. Our animals need nutrient-dense plants to grow into healthy, nutrient-dense protein sources. If our soil is unhealthy, we are unhealthy- plain and simple. How can we start reshaping the reality we’re in?

The answer might seem too simple. And I might seem like a broken record, but here I go…

Eat real food. Whole & unprocessed foods. Locally grown, seasonal foods. The foods that you can see the ingredients of, that you can eat raw or cooked (some you really should cook no matter what).


And ask yourself these questions:

Where is this grown?

How is it grown?

What do these animals eat?

Where do these animals live?


Once we take responsibility for understanding where our food comes from, we can start to make more educated decisions around the food we are eating. And taking that responsibility makes our choices that much more powerful. Because our food can be poison, or it could be nourishment- the choice is yours.


Arielle (aka Coach Bloom, or just Bloom) is a L-3 coach and has been in the fitness space for over 8 years. She is also a nutrition coach, dropping knowledge bombs all over social media with the hope that one day, everyone will eat their veggies and protein, drink enough water and move their bodies.

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